Dear Friends,

We hope you are well and enjoying summer. While the pandemic is largely behind us here, Holy Family Hospital is busier than ever caring for the most vulnerable as the pandemic continues on in Bethlehem.

With only 7% of the population vaccinated, COVID is devastating the region. Vaccines and other humanitarian supplies remain scarce, prolonging the crisis and hampering relief efforts.

Most Bethlemites have not received a salary in 17 months. Until pilgrimages resume, businesses will remain shuttered. Parents are struggling to feed their children and are making daily sacrifices to care for others. More mothers are arriving at the hospital with medical complications and babies are staying longer in the NICU.

As you know, Holy Family Hospital is a safety net providing lifesaving care for a catchment area of nearly 1 million people. Holy Family Hospital ensures that all families receive the very best healthcare regardless of their ability to pay. The Hospital subsidizes all services by at least 50% and thanks to you, our Poor Case Fund offers additional financial support to all families who qualify, covering between 51–100% of patient contributions.

We are thrilled to announce that a generous couple has made a $50,000 matching gift toward the Poor Case Fund this summer.

Your gift today to the Poor Case Fund will go twice as far in restoring dignity to fathers struggling to provide for their families, providing prenatal care to even more expectant mothers in need, and saving the lives of premature
babies in the NICU.

Your donations will be matched dollar for dollar through September.

On behalf of the families at Holy Family Hospital we wish you all a joyful end to summer and we thank you for your generosity.

Together we create Life, Peace and Hope in the Holy Land.

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