Chef Fadi, is considered the foremost authority on modern Palestinian cuisine. He is a regular in international media, including BBC News, The Guardian, Monocle, and N Lifestyle (UAE). His Bethlehem restaurant, Fawda— considered the best in Palestine—marries traditional family recipes, the best local food products, and influences from the cuisines of Britain, France, Japan, and India.

Chef Fadi speaks five languages. He pioneered the region’s first food tours, where international visitors explore local markets, meet farmers and artisans, and taste unusual herbs, cheeses, and taboun bread. His passion for sharing stories of local foragers, gardeners, farmers, and cooks and his love of the epicurean cooking of his two grandmothers inspire his radio show, “Cooking with the Tetas” (Grandmothers).

Chef Fadi comes from an old and distinguished Bethlehem family. Growing up, he traveled for family holidays to Paris and London, and for several years, lived in Paris while studying hotel management at the Institut Vatel. His late grandfather, Dr. Michel Dabdoub, was the director of Holy Family Hospital  years ago when it was a general hospital. The chef remembers as a small boy escaping from a Sister who was trying to give him an injection and hiding on the grounds of the hospital.

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