Frances O’Connor Hardart (1931-2020)

Frances (Frannie) O’Connor Hardart, of Bronxville, New York, passed away peacefully at home on February 19, 2020 after a long and joy-filled life.

Mrs. Hardart and her beloved husband, obstetrician Frank Hardart, Jr., became involved with Holy Family Hospital almost 25 years ago, through their devoted service to the Order of Malta. They shared unwavering faith, an incredible commitment to family, a life-long devotion to Our Lady and the Holy Family, and a deep and joyful obligation to serve the poor and needy – and so Holy Family Hospital was an obvious and inspired outlet for their charitable works and they felt blessed to be a part of its story. After Dr. Hardart’s death in 2000, Holy Family Hospital continued to be a very important part of Mrs. Hardart’s charitable life. In 2003 Frannie became a member of the Board of Directors for Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation and was a strong voice for the mothers and babies of Bethlehem until her death.


Holy Family Hospital is a state-of-the-art maternity and neonatal Catholic teaching Hospital serving poor and at-risk families just 1,500 steps away from the birthplace of Christ. In this region of conflict, the Hospital stands as an oasis of peace, where all receive quality care regardless of religious creed or ability to pay. Holy Family Hospital is a primary work of the Order of Malta, the world’s oldest Christian charity. In 2019, the Hospital delivered over 4,700 babies.

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