From Hebron to Bethlehem – Inas’ Story

Inas lives in a village near the ancient city of Hebron, over an hour outside Bethlehem. Despite the distance, Inas has insisted she receive all her prenatal care at Holy Family Hospital for each of her three pregnancies. Her husband, Abdel, is happy to accompany her on the trip from Hebron to Bethlehem for all her appointments; he knows the Hospital is the region’s best provider of maternal care.

When Inas became pregnant with her third child, she continued to travel to Holy Family Hospital often for check-ups. During a routine appointment a few days before her due date, Inas’ doctor told her that her baby was in breech presentation. Inas’ water broke at midnight a few nights later.

Fearing for his wife and unborn child, Abdel urged Inas to deliver at a hospital closer to home. But she refused. Inas wanted to deliver in the Hospital she knew and trusted most.

The Delivery

The couple arrived at Holy Family Hospital just after one o’clock in the morning. As doctors and nurses rushed Inas into the delivery room, Abdel realized his wife had made the right decision. She was now in the capable hands of the region’s most renowned medical professionals.

Their son was born just three hours later.

Inas remains grateful to Holy Family Hospital for the safe deliveries of all three of her children. She said, “I’ve had both my daughters here and now my son. I will always choose Holy Family Hospital because I can trust that they will take care of my babies no matter what.”

Holy Family Hospital is proud to be known as the West Bank’s premier maternity hospital, especially for high-risk cases. The dedicated physicians and staff ensure that all mothers and babies are treated with compassion in every situation. Our generous donors make it possible for this high-level care to be given to all, without regard to religion, ethnicity, or ability to pay.