Bethlehem Boxes

IMG_2382During the four weeks of Advent, students are encouraged to collect donations in their Bethlehem Boxes to support the thousands of mothers, babies, and families served by Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem.

In collecting their donations among friends and family members, students will have the opportunity to share what they have learned about the the Hospital’s important role in the Bethlehem community, just 500 yards from the traditional birthplace of Jesus.

Bethlehem Boxes are easy to assemble and stand 4.5″ tall x 4.5″ wide x 2.5″ deep.

To accompany a student’s Bethlehem Box is a half-page flyer, offering parents an overview of the Babies in Bethlehem program.

Get the Bethlehem Box & Flyer

School administrators and religious educators are able to order free fold-up collection Bethlehem Boxes by contacting Katlyn Gangl at or by phone at (202) 785-0801.

Teachers can print the accompanying flyers here, or order them from Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation at no cost.  To order the flyers, please contact Katlyn Gangl at or by phone at (202) 785-0801.