Involve Your Parish

In order to meet the growing needs of the poorest and most defenseless, the Board of Directors of the Foundation established a program to foster and develop relationships with parishes that would result in financial contributions to Holy Family Hospital.

Parishes may choose to either:

  • Make a financial donation from established parish funds, or
  • Sponsor an event benefiting Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation
  • Perform a second collection at the Masses on one 
designated weekend.
  • Involve the Parish school in raising money for Holy Family Hospital through our Babies in Bethlehem Advent program.

The success of the Parish Outreach Program involves our supporters who approach their pastors to participate in this important endeavor.


As a former board member of Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation, and a pastor, I was very enthusiastic about implementing the parish outreach program. With minimal effort, pastors and their caring parishioners can become the saviors of so many impoverished infants and children in the Bethlehem of today-ensuring room at the inn for all. Rev. Msgr. Edward J. Dillon, Board of Directors

Since late 2004, over fifty-five parishes and archdioceses have joined the parish outreach program and have collectively donated more than $400,000. We hope your Parish will support the work of Holy Family Hospital, and help ensure service to all that come through its doors.

A sample bulletin insert and pulpit announcement are included on this website. Pastors can also request a 6 minute DVD to share with their congregation as well as the most current newsletter. Please contact Kate Robinson, Foundation Director, at or Kristen Burke, Development Associate, at for more information.