Suggested Pulpit Announcement

Only 500 yards from the site of the nativity where the Blessed Mother gave birth to the savior of the world, Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem protects the sanctity of life, cares for infants and children, and comforts expectant mothers. For those women without the means to travel to the Hospital, the staff accommodates their medical needs by operating Mobile Outreach Clinics throughout the remote areas of the desert.

Designated by Pope John Paul II as one of his top 100 projects for the new millennium, Holy Family Hospital is the preeminent provider of medical services in the Holy Land. In 2015 alone, it welcomed a record-breaking 3,568 new lives into the world, treated 2,059 infants and children, and admitted 350 newborns into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – the only state-of-the-art NICU in the West Bank of Palestine.

Patient payments cover only 33 percent of the Hospital’s operational costs. It is through the generosity of donors that Holy Family Hospital can treat the poor people of the region.

I pray that you help support Holy Family Hospital Foundation deliver life, peace, and hope to those suffering in the Holy Land. Please see the bulletin for more information on Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem.

Thank you for your time and attention today and may God bless you!