Your School Can Partner with Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation!

Thank you for your interest in learning about opportunities for engagement with Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation in a parish-school outreach partnership.  The accompanying materials detail the many ways our Foundation could support a parish and/or school-wide project this Advent season in preparation for the coming of Christ, or at one of many other times during the Liturgical calendar.

These template materials represent a “turn-key” program enabling parishes and schools to enrich their faith communities this Advent Season. Also, here is a link to our Foundation’s video.  Further, our Foundation team would be pleased to work with you to refine materials, as needed, for an outreach program with your community of students and parishioners.

Advent is such a special time and, while Bethlehem may seem far away, like the circumstances faced by Mary, Joseph and Jesus, Holy Family Hospital serves as a haven for thousands of poor and at-risk mothers, babies and families there today.  We appreciate the prayers and support of families throughout your Parish community in helping our Foundation to deliver life, peace and hope to the sick and the poor in the Holy Land through our Hospital – just steps from the place where Christ was born and lived.

Please contact our Foundation team with any questions you may have.

Kate Robinson
Foundation Director

Kristen Burke
Development Associate

Anna Harter
Communications Manager

May God bless your activities and we thank you for supporting the families of the Holy Land.