Meet Asia 

At 30 weeks, Asia woke up to intense labor pains and rushed with Tareq to Holy Family Hospital, knowing that it was their best option to save their unborn child. Baby Ramsey was born quickly and was very small. He struggled to breathe and could not nurse because he was too weak. Asia was devastated to see her son so feeble.

During Ramsey’s stay in the NICU, the family followed the Hospital’s procedures to protect themselves and Ramsey from the COVID virus. Testing revealed that Asia’s sister-in-law was COVID positive. Asia was terrified that she may have contracted the virus and could in turn pass it to Ramsey. For seven days, she self-isolated, not visiting Ramsey in the NICU, until she tested negative. Because of such accurate testing, Asia was able to keep her baby and the staff of Holy Family Hospital as safe as possible.

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