Meet Karim

Baby Karim was born 10 weeks early in the middle of a pandemic on the side of the road in the back of a borrowed car behind a quarantine roadblock 10 minutes away from Holy Family Hospital.

At barely 2 lbs, Elizabeth cradled her new-born son tightly in her arms as they arrived at Holy Family Hospital to a team of doctors well prepared and waiting their arrival.

The neonatologists immediately placed Karim in an incubator and began to resuscitate him, while the obstetricians tended to his mother.  Within an hour, Elizabeth was stabilized and in a freshly made bed, ready to go see her son upstairs in the NICU.

Your gift of $2,500 saves the life of a baby like Karim, who now more than ever needs your help. The pandemic has made it difficult for pregnant women to come to the Hospital to receive prenatal care, so many babies are born weaker and sicker than ever before. We cannot do this without you.