Holy Family Hospital Update

Dear Friends,

We just arrived from our successful board trip to Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem. We went to introduce new board members to the dedicated staff and thankful mothers and babies of Bethlehem. Our members were deeply touched by the diligence of our staff, the love they showed each patient, and the gratitude of those served. We organized a well-appreciated reception to honor and thank the staff for their hard work and loyalty to the hospital and our beloved patients.

October 2015 mailing

Bethlehem and its surrounding areas behind the separation wall remain largely  calm at this time of conflict seen in newscasts. Holy Family Hospital is open around  the clock to receive patients. Despite the political unrest, the number of babies  delivered and women served is at an all-time high. Our Mobile Clinic, clearly  identified as neutral and humanitarian, continues regular visits to the poor in  refugee camps and remote desert communities. Our Well-Woman Clinic continues  to draw record numbers. The Hospital itself is well-supplied and has emergency  overstocks in case of border closures.

Holy Family Hospital is more important now than ever. The patients need ongoing care and Bethlehem needs the continued stability of the high quality employment offered by the Hospital. Our Hospital is the second largest employer in the region, bringing much-needed jobs, dignity, and income to the people of Bethlehem. By employing both Christians and Muslims we create a workplace of inter-religious exchange and peace. We bring hope by caring for the sick, delivering babies, and providing meaningful employment.

At this time of instability, Bethlehem needs Holy Family Hospital for all of these reasons. Our chapel perched on a high spot overlooking the city hosts a statue of the Blessed Mother watching over the entire region. She can be seen from miles away offering her mantle of love, welcome, and protection for all within view. IMG_0430

Holy Family Hospital Foundation needs you, our friends and donors, to pray for peace in the region and to continue your generous support of the good works of the Hospital, just steps away from the manger where the Christ Child was born.

In gratitude,

Ellen S. Shafer                 Michele B. Bowe
Chairman                          President