Holy Family Hospital remains an “oasis of peace” for expectant mothers throughout the Holy Land in need of lifesaving care. The Hospital offers maternity services to all women regardless of religion, ethnicity, or ability to pay. No one is ever turned away.

Delivery Services

Holy Family Hospital delivers approximately 70 percent of all Bethlehem infants, maintaining a survival rate of nearly 100 percent.

Ours is the only hospital in the region medically equipped to deliver babies born before 32 weeks. Doctors and midwives fight to save every mother and baby, demonstrating a commitment to life that is absolute.

Our Poor Case Fund provides financial assistance to families who cannot cover the full cost of care. A baseline subsidy of 50 percent exists for all deliveries, effectively countering the high unemployment rate and lack of health insurance or social welfare system.

Our Impact

Holy Family Hospital has delivered over 68,000 infants since 1990. With this legacy, the Hospital has become a cherished institution in the Bethlehem community and an indispensable resource for expectant mothers throughout the Holy Land.

Despite ongoing regional conflict, Holy Family Hospital strives to maintain the highest standard of medical care for Bethlehem’s poor, saving lives and reducing the high mortality rates for new mothers and newborns in the West Bank.