Prenatal Care

Comprehensive prenatal care is essential to any healthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, few expectant mothers in the Holy Land have access to prenatal care, and many will not see a healthcare professional until they enter a hospital in labor. This poses great risks to both mother and baby.

Public Health Concerns

Infant mortality in the Bethlehem region is currently five times that of more developed countries and can be attributed to a lack of prenatal care. The added strains of occupation have led to a rise in preterm births, increasing the importance of routine prenatal check-ups.

Our Response

In direct response to these public health issues, Holy Family Hospital offers comprehensive prenatal care services to expectant mothers at a reduced cost. The Hospital offers all exams, lab tests, and prenatal vitamins necessary to a healthy pregnancy.

For families in remote areas, the Mobile Outreach Clinic team makes regular visits to ensure expectant mothers are receiving all necessary care.

Holy Family Hospital’s Impact

Holy Family Hospital has played a critical role in increasing availability of routine prenatal care for pregnant women in the West Bank. Our dedicated clinicians and staff continue to help reduce maternal death, miscarriage, and infant mortality rates among Bethlehem’s most vulnerable populations.