Khawla’s Story

Khawla and her baby daughter Maria who was delivered at Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem

Khalwa and baby Maria

Holy Family Hospital’s Diabetes Clinic works to bring high quality diagnostics and treatment to expectant mothers with gestational diabetes.

The Family

Khawla and her husband, Sami, celebrated twenty years of marriage in the Holy Family Hospital’s postnatal ward. On the day of their anniversary, Khawla was recovering from the delivery of their newest daughter, Maria.

“I have delivered all my children at Holy Family Hospital,” Khawla said. “I always come back here because this is the best hospital for mothers and babies.”

The Diagnosis

Khawla and Sami reside with their five children in Handazeh, a small village on the outskirts of Bethlehem. Eight months into her pregnancy, Khalwa was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Holy Family Hospital’s Diabetes Clinic identified the condition during a routine prenatal exam.

Like any mother hearing such a diagnosis, Khawla worried for her unborn child. Her pregnancy was now considered high-risk, and she was nearly two decades older than she was during her first pregnancy. Sami confessed that he did not think their family would be able to pay the added healthcare costs.

Doctors assured Khalwa and Sami that Holy Family Hospital’s Diabetes Clinic would be able to manage these new health risks at a cost their family could easily afford. Khalwa spent two nights at the Hospital for monitoring and had regular check-ups at the Clinic throughout the last month of her pregnancy.

Baby Maria, Their Little Miracle

The thorough monitoring had the desired effect: Khalwa carried her baby full-term. After her delivery, baby Maria was immediately admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for observation. Miraculously, she showed no complications and was discharged after only two days.

“I am so grateful to Holy Family Hospital that Maria is healthy. The doctors monitored me and my baby after I was diagnosed and made sure we were both okay.”

Khawla and Sami say their twentieth anniversary was their best yet.