Leila’s Story

Meet Leila. Her parents, like all soon-to-be parents, were nervous and excited about their daughter’s upcoming delivery. But when Leila’s mother began having contractions far earlier than expected, they didn’t know where to go. Living in a small village over two hours from Bethlehem, they turned to their extended family for help.


Baby Leila with her parents at Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem

Following their family’s advice, the couple rushed to Holy Family Hospital. With the only state-of-the-art NICU in the Bethlehem region, it was their best option for Leila’s premature delivery. Upon their arrival, doctors detected a distressingly faint heartbeat in the unborn baby. Immediately, they took Leila’s mother to deliver her baby by emergency cesarean section.

Leila’s father shared, “The moments after Leila’s birth were very scary, but the doctors never stopped trying to save Leila, even though her heart was barely beating.”

Weeks later, Leila had gained significant weight and showed no signs of any long-term health problems. As her parents prepared for their long journey home, their shared joy beamed through their faces.  “Because of these doctors and this Hospital, we get to take our daughter home today,” Leila’s mother said. “They saved my baby, and I am so grateful that I am her mother!”

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