Life at Holy Family Hospital During COVID-19

COVID-19 caused the total closure, geographic isolation, and economic lockdown of the Bethlehem region. Families are experiencing hardship like never before. Holy Family Hospital’s doors are open to every mother and baby who is need of life-saving care.

Our daily life might look different, but we are unwavering in our commitment to deliver life, peace, and hope to the Holy Land.



FAR LEFT: This is the first baby in Palestine to contract COVID-19. By the end of March she was doing well and much healthier.

CENTER: Despite the global health crisis and widespread shutdowns, our doctors and nurses are keeping our NICU running– the only NICU in the region capable of caring for premature babies born weighing less than one pound.

FAR RIGHT: Meet Baby Maxine, a living miracle! His heartbeat stopped twice but the doctors in the NICU were able to revive him and now he is ready to go home!


The staff of Holy Family Hospital is committed to ensuring that the Hospital is clean, safe, and ready to care for mothers and babies in need.

Follow along to see more updates from daily life at Holy Family Hospital during the COVID-19 crisis.