Dear Friends,

As Mother’s Day draws near, we honor the mothers and special women in our lives who have raised and cherished us. We fondly remember these women who have left an indelible mark on us, our families, and our communities.

Just 1,500 steps from the manger where the Blessed Mother gave birth, Holy Family Hospital guarantees that thousands of women have the chance to safely bring a precious new life into this world. Every day, lives are transformed through the selfless generosity of mothers. At Holy Family Hospital, we ensure that mothers receive the same tenderness, respect, and utmost care from us that they pour into their families and community.

We treat women in every stage of life, launching clinic after clinic to address their healthcare needs. Your gift today blesses women with the gift of restored health and dignity, from prenatal care to postmenopausal gynecology.

While Covid is receeding, Bethlehem faces record high inflation and unemployment. In times of humanitarian and economic crisis, women and children bear the heaviest burden. Few families can afford medical care and a new class has risen — the Christian urban poor.

Holy Family Hospital needs your help to remain open and committed to meeting the healthcare needs of all during this critical time. You ensure that all women who walk through our doors are embraced with compassion. Thanks to you, Holy Family Hospital continues to be a refuge of hope for every woman. We are grateful for your unwavering support and continued belief in our mission.

A Mother’s Answered Prayer

When Adriana married Amir, they hoped and prayed for a big family. Their prayers were soon answered and Adriana was overjoyed to find out that she was pregnant. Excitedly, she reached out to her friends who had recently become mothers. Adriana’s friends stressed the importance of prenatal care, but also noted that it was a luxury that only few could afford during this time of economic downturn and crisis in Bethlehem. Determined to provide the best for their child, Adriana and Amir sought help from the social workers at Holy Family Hospital.

The social work team greeted them with compassion, assuring the newlyweds that they could receive prenatal care as well as classes about newborn care and childhood development free of cost. Amir was relieved; as a plasterer, he had been mostly out of work for the past two years. When it came time for Adriana to deliver, she felt prepared for not only delivery but also

“I knew Holy Family Hospital would provide the best medical care for me and the baby, but I did not know how important their counseling and educational resources would be. By the time George was born, Amir and I felt ready for the task!”

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Honor someone in your life this Mother’s Day. When you make a donation below, you will receive a printable card by email that you can print out and send to a special woman in your life. Mass will be offered for your loved on on May 8th at Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity.