The survival rate in our department is very good. We can compare our department to similar departments in Europe or other parts of the developed world. I am from Bethlehem and it makes me feel proud to be helping these fragile babies.

- Dr. Saleem Kunkar,Caregiver

It is a great feeling when I help the women change their attitude to their situation, when I can help the husband change his attitude also towards his wife.

- Mary Moah, Social Worker,Caregiver

We were struck by the caring atmosphere of the hospital and its state-of-the-art facilities.  The hospital brings respect for and hope to the women of Bethlehem and its surroundings.

- Dr. Jim Diestel (former Chief-of-Staff, Saint Mary’s Hospital, San Francisco),Pilgrim

In Bethlehem, mothers and newborns are still finding in our hospital a welcoming shelter for them, thanks to all the employees for their strong commitment.

- Dominique Jacqmin, Chief Executive Officer,Caregiver

If it were not for the Holy Family Hospital my baby would have died, I don’t even want to imagine that.

- Sawsan,Patient

In the past many cases of gestational diabetes went undiagnosed because women couldn’t afford to pay for the test in the expensive private labs. Now the Hospital offers universal screening for every pregnant woman.

- Dr. Saba Abu Farah, Head of Obstetrics/Gynecology HFH,Caregiver

Visiting Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem was truly an inspiring experience – this hospital is an oasis of peace and hope in a long-troubled region. Serving pregnant women and their newborn babies, Holy Family Hospital is a model of what humanitarian assistance – regardless of religion or ethnicity – can accomplish. It is clear that from the maintenance crew to the dedicated staff of doctors, the folks at Holy Family Hospital are dedicated to promoting peace through serving the poor.

- Shana Marchio, Former Communications Director U.S. Senator Kit Bond (R-MO),Pilgrim

When the women come to me, they are very forthcoming with their concerns and emotions. They are very open and tell me everything about their lives. This is a place where they feel safe.

- Mary Moah, Social Worker,Caregiver

We came in support, we prayed, we visited, and we left in amazement and with hope in our hearts.

- Dan and Rosemary Kelly (Michigan),Pilgrim

Here they really take care of mother and child. The level of care is very high. The staff was always smiling at me and treated me kindly. My stay at Holy Family made all the difference in my birthing experience.

- Murad,Patient

I feel like they are my own babies. After seeing the baby so tiny at birth, we are always happy when the baby has been released in good health. When the mother brings the baby back for checkups, she always comes to visit us, and we love seeing them healthy and growing.

- Ishraf Faraj, Head Nursing Supervisor,Caregiver

Over the past two years there has been a lot of advancement in the OB/GYN department of our hospital. We are always trying to improve.

- Dr. Saba Abu Farah, Medical Director,Caregiver

Our devotion has earned the respect of all communities in Palestine. Due to our excellent reputation and our respect for other’s dignity and religion, our share of all deliveries in the district of Bethlehem has increased from 37.3% to 59.5% in the last two years.”

- Dr. Jacques Keutgen, Former Director General,Caregiver

We had saved up for this delivery at Holy Family Hospital. This is the most important and well-known Hospital in Bethlehem with excellent care. We didn’t even think of going to another hospital.

- Sireen,Patient

Being in charge of the Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem is entirely different from heading any hospital in any other part of the world.

- Dr. Jacques Keutgen, Former Director,Caregiver

The Over 45 Well Women Program improves the quality of health care for mature women in Palestine. Offered through the clinic is preventative care – diagnosis of breast, cervical, colon, ovarian, and uterine cancer as well as performing surgery to correct problems such as urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolepses.

- Dr. Harry Johnson, Chairman of the International Medical Committee of HFH,Caregiver

For many patients, one of the main reasons they choose to come to Holy Family Hospital is not only the quality of the medical care they receive here, but also the personal treatment and attention they receive from all the staff, starting with the receptionists and continuing to the doctors and nurses. Here the doctors take time to explain things to the patients and to listen to their concerns.

- Dr. Jadallah Najjar,Caregiver

Ever since I was in school I have liked to help people and my dream was to work in a maternity hospital. I like to help pregnant women and I like babies. I am very lucky to work here.

- Mary Moah, Social Worker,Caregiver

I only wanted to deliver my baby at Holy Family Hospital! They are the best for maternal and infant care.

- Pauline,Patient

We were blown away by the complexity of the medical conditions being treated and the professionalism of the staff. The doctors and nurses really put their hearts into their work – a labor of love. They take anyone in need regardless of their religion or ability to pay.

- Chase and Dee Israelson,Pilgrim

Located in the Holy Land and open to all, independently of their region, race or financial means, we continue to assure a Christian attendance in the town where the Virgin Mary gave birth to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

- Dr. Jacques Keutgen, Former Director General,Caregiver