Our 50,000th Birth

Nineteen-year-old Hafsah Omar Radaydiah of the West Bank village of Ebiedieh gave birth to Holy Family Hospital’s 50,000th baby at 9:30 a.m., local time on Oct. 18, 2010. The baby girl, Aisha, weighed 7.5 pounds and measured 19.7 inches at birth. She is Hafsah and Isam Radaydiah’s first child.


Isam is a 24-year-old laborer, and Hafsah is a first-year history student at the Open University in Jerusalem. The youngest of eight children, she plans to complete her degree in three years.

She said she came to Holy Family Hospital because all her female friends and relatives recommended the hospital to her, telling her that she would get the best care available at the hospital.

Holy Family Hospital is the best hospital in all our area, and all the women I know told me they would take good care of me and take good care of my baby, said Hafsah. It is really something wonderful for her to have been the 50,000th baby born here. This is good luck for us.

“I am so happy. I have been waiting to become a mother. This will change my whole life,” said Hafsah.

Throughout the birth, difficult as it was, what kept her going was the thought of her baby, she said. She wondered what the baby would look like and if she would look like her, she said.

“I was just waiting to hold my baby,” she said. “When I look at her face I forget all the pain, and I am very happy. I’m happy because she is so beautiful.”

In thanksgiving for the 50,000th child born, here are just a few of the ways you can help to ensure that another 50,000 babies are born in safety and security. Click on any of the following wonderful opportunities to learn more,