Partnerships for Peace at Holy Family Hospital

Today, we at Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation observe the International Day of Peace, an invitation for us all to strengthen the ideals of peace throughout the world.

On this day we call to mind Holy Family Hospital’s role as an instrument of peace in the Middle East, where our clinicians and staff provide state-of-the-art maternity and neonatal care despite frequent political conflicts, road closures, and curfews. The Hospital never closes its doors to families in need, recognizing the unquestionable necessity within the community for quality medical care.

IMG_0215World Peace Day takes on a special meaning for us this year, with its theme, “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All”. Holy Family Hospital puts these words into action, in its constant pursuit of new partnerships and cross-cultural dialogue to foster understanding and, ultimately, peace. Our thriving Hospital encourages inter-religious collaboration throughout the Bethlehem region, employing 150 Palestinians – both Christian and Muslim – who together provide life-sustaining medical care to all who enter through its doors. These partnerships span even beyond the borders of the West Bank to Jerusalem, where Hospital staff are able to obtain permission for a baby requiring specialized surgery to go to Hadassah Hospital for treatment. Indeed, the hallmark of our Hospital is that we never turn anyone away.

Our Catholic teaching hospital’s reputation as an instrument of peace is known throughout the West Bank and beyond, with physicians from Israel, Palestine, and Europe traveling to Bethlehem for medical conferences sponsored by our Hospital. In short, Holy Family Hospital and its partnering hospitals are truly fostering peace through medicine together in unprecedented ways. The collaboration between the Israeli and Palestinian medical communities demonstrates firsthand how medicine builds can effectively bridges to peace.