In January, Mariam, only 26 weeks pregnant, was rushed to Holy Family Hospital when she began feeling strong pains. Two years ago, she faced similar problems when her first daughter was born prematurely. The baby girl survived only because Mariam chose to come to Holy Family Hospital, which was equipped to take care of her and her small baby.

“I was so worried and stressed,” Mariam said about her second emergency delivery. “I kept thinking about the good medical care that I had received in my previous delivery at Holy Family Hospital which helped me to know that this baby is safe and in the best hands.”

After two months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Mariam was very relieved when baMariam and baby - back of appeal storyby Leah was healthy enough to come home. “I have had so much support at Holy Family Hospital while my baby has been here,” she said. “Leah is being discharged as a healthy baby, and I will always be grateful to this hospital for saving her.”

Mariam and her husband Yousef were unprepared for the high medical bills. After working with Mary Moah, the hospital social worker, the Poor Case Fund helped to cover a portion of their expenses. Because of generous donors, baby Leah was able to receive the best medical care available in the Bethlehem region and Mariam will celebrate Mother’s Day with two beautiful daughters this year.